Our Murdergame Scripts

Amongst our scripts are......

A Case of Death A local gangster has always managed to avoid arrest but someone has more drastic action in mind
A Fete Worse than Death It's the day of the village fete and everyone seems to be having a good time. But for one of the villagers, however, this day will end in tragedy.
An Engagement With Death StoryA nice family party to celebrate an engagement but the potential groom is found lying in a pool of blood with a rival standing over him with the murder weapon in his hand. Surely an open and shut case
Ghost Hunter The search for a ghost in a haunted church but the investigator is found dead. Has he been killed by the ghost?
The Green Buddha The auction went well and the bidding was brisk, but one of the winning bidders will never see the sun rise the next day.
The Training Course A company orgabnise a seminar in a hotel. Unfortunately, one of the staff is very late for breakfast
Trick or Treat A fund raising event for a worthwhile local charity around a Halloween theme. They even have a fortune teller to tell people their futures but unfortunately, she failed to see what was in store for herself.
Unlucky Thirteen A quiet round of golf, but a ball goes astray and when the player doesn't return, his partner goes to look for him and finds his battered body. Is this a robbery gone wrong, or is there a more personal motive?